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Trust, Quality, Value and After Sales Service

We are a quality manufacturer who specializes in outdoor living furniture product lines. We offer world-class manufacturing services and can produce finished goods as well as parts and equipment to your specification and quality standards. We can develop, enhance, or complement your specifications to produce traditional or premium outdoor living products.

What sets us apart

What sets us apart is our core team of world-class manufacturing facilities. Our craftsmen provide development services that meet your specifications. Whether its OEM, outsourcing, or private label clients, you will enjoy advanced production management, monitoring and quality control. We work with our partners to produce specifications that exceed their expectations. We continuously improve on new products that meet the demands of an ever more discerning market place. Based on our clients’ requirements, samples or prototypes can usually be made in as little as 7 days. Shipment is often just 30
to 45 days from product approval.

Our dedicated team are proven to deliver on specific needs. We offer a history of great quality, timely delivery, competitive pricing and after sales service. With respect to finished goods, we also provide ‘end-to- end’ supply chain management.

Whether you seek quality products or are looking to produce specific components to enhance your own unique brand, make Hakier Outdoor living your choice for quality ‘made-to- order' manufacturing

Custom Product Development

If you are considering outsourcing to improve competitiveness or increase your margins, we are staffed with experienced product developers. Our team specializes different business categories of outdoor products and will work with you to bring your specification to life.

We can also custom manufacturer sub-components for another manufacturer or provide completed items under your brand name. Whether it’s a component or completed unit, we offer a full range of production services.

Contact us to discuss production options and alternatives that suite your unique product requirements.

Customer Collaboration

Working in unison with our customers, we accommodate the need for competitive pricing, quality, on-time delivery, as well as good after-sale service. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our effort to cooperate with our customer’s Design and Quality Assurance teams. We work together to ensure all products meet the quality standards as established by our customer. Products are always on-budget and delivered on-time.

Financing Options

Depending on demand and available resources, Hakier works with its global partners to bring products to market. Shared resourcing of specific opportunities may be available, depending on your needs.

Green Production

We pride ourselves on being a ‘green’ company as we construct our furniture from recycled materials where possible and adopt environmentally friendly production methods.

Product Planning and Management, Quality Assurance

Modern, flexible, ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing systems ensure our products satisfy customers’ requirements in a timely, competitively priced manner. With an emphasis on quality, we continuously analyze and optimize our production processes.

We specialize in integrated manufacturing techniques to produce high quality products. Depending on the customer, we offer a variety of materials from, aluminum, steel, wrought iron to environmentally friend synthetic rattan or polywood. We also provide traditional or premium materials for cushions and seating. Our production facility does everything from framing, joining, spraying, painting and weaving as well as modular packaging and shipping.

To ensure high quality maintained, Hakier has stringent monitoring protocols including pre-production reviews as well as inspections of incoming sub-components and materials, semi-manufacturing control and finished product audits. We have monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to measure overall production effectiveness. Indicators include plant availability, production time, equipment, and personnel performance as well as output defect rates.

Trends and Market Intelligence Support

Our professional sales team engages our customers and markets. We actively identify trends in demand, production innovation and, from a consumer perspective, continuously monitor seasonal styles across the outdoor leisure industry from year-to-year.

We have built our reputation on extensive international trade experience and are familiar with a variety of sales channels and methods. We understand nuanced differences in value proposition between, for example, China’s domestic market and various overseas markets. With the help of E-commerce and traditional International exhibitions, we have built trusted relationships that engage both domestic and foreign markets.

It would be our pleasure to discuss your market focus and service delivery requirements.